Outdoor tower sharing

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Outdoor,tower sharing

Contribute to the early deployment of 5G as a tower sharing company originated in Japan

Tower sharing is a cell tower lease service for mobile network operators and other telecommunications companies. JTOWER owns and operates the assets such as steel towers, concrete towers, poles and antennas.
In addition to constructing new towers and poles, we are expanding our business by increasing the number of assets available for Infra-Sharing by promoting the effective use of existing towers owned by telecommunications companies.


Contribute to cost reduction, energy conservation and environmental consideration by making effective use of towers

The use of tower sharing not only reduces CAPEX and OPEX for mobile network operators, but also reduces electricity consumption and environmental impact by reducing the number of construction works and preserves landscape.

Contribute to cost reduction, energy conservation, and environmental consideration by making effective use of towers

As a leading tower company in Japan, we own 7,700 towers in suburban and rural areas

In addition to constructing towers in-house, we have concluded the master transaction agreement with NTT WEST, NTT EAST and NTT DOCOMO to acquire the telecommunications towers owned by each company. The numbers of towers of JTOWER (including planned acquisitions) is approximately 7,700 and this is the largest number as Infra-Sharing service provider in Japan.
In addition to provide cell sites for mobile network operators, the towers can be used for a variety of purposes such as installation locations for IoT facilities, emergency alert system, cameras, Wi-Fi, and various sensors.

The leading tower company in Japan, owns 7,700 towers in suburban and rural areas


Tower sharing

In addition to towers and poles, JTOWER provides services necessary to install various communication facilities, such as antennas, power supplies, and cables, in response to the requests of customers. In addition to approximately 15m small scale poles, we own large scale towers in 20-80m nationwide. For this reason, we are able to provide services according to the area and application demands from our customers.

Tower sharing
(Left) Pole newly constructed and operated by JTOWER, located in rural areas and the height is approximately 15m.
(Right) The large scale towers acquired from the telecommunications companies and operated by JTOWER.
These towers are more than 20-80m and located mainly in rural and suburban areas throughout Japan.

Digital Pole

Digital pole is a multi-functional pole with smart designs that harmonize with the urban landscape, but with various functions utilizing communication technology and IoT, such as 5G base stations, high-speed Wi-Fi, security cameras, various sensors, digital signage and street lighting, etc. Digital Pole provides a wide range of functions required for cities.
* Digital pole is the name of Smart pole (a generic term for multi-functional poles), a product of JTOWER Inc. (trademark registration number 6642477) for the notation of Katakana in Japan.

Digital Pole
In January 2022, JTOWER started the operation of 20 new type of multi-function poles in Nishi-Shinjuku areas. Signage type (Left) and Pole type (Right).


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