JTOWER installed 5G Infra-Sharing network in Kouzushima village, contributing to the improvement of telecommunications environment in the remote islands of Tokyo

We are pleased to announce that JTOWER will develop 5G network through outdoor tower sharing at Oketsu area in Kouzushima village, located on remote islands of Tokyo.

Outdoor tower sharing is a scheme in which JTOWER owns and operates steel towers, concrete poles and antennas necessary to install base stations outdoor and leased those facilities to MNO and other telecommunications operators. In addition to realizing efficient network development through reductions in CAPEX, OPEX and maintenance costs for telecommunications operators, Infra-Sharing also reduces the environmental impact by reducing the number of construction projects and improving the consideration on the landscape.

Using subsidies for National Grant Program for the Area Expansion of Mobile Phone Services, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, by FY2022, JTOWER had completed the construction of 95 towers nationwide, mainly in rural areas where the mobile coverage was not enough and begun providing services to MNO from the towers with the right conditions.

The subsidy is utilized in the outdoor tower sharing in Kouzushima village and this is the first time in the Kanto region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to provide a subsidy for the installation of base stations using Infra-Sharing.

We will contribute to the digitization of society by promoting the development of telecommunications environments in remote islands and other geographically disadvantaged areas, maximizing the technologies and knowledge we have cultivated in the telecommunications field.