JTOWER and MUFG Bank entered into business alliance agreement for the promotion of outdoor tower sharing

We are pleased to announce that JTOWER Inc. (“JTOWER”) and MUFG Bank, Ltd. (“MUFG Bank”) have entered into a business alliance agreement for the promotion of outdoor tower sharing.


JTOWER is strengthening our outdoor tower sharing business against social demands for the early deployment of 5G. In addition to constructing new telecommunications towers on our own, we are promoting tower carve-outs, the acquisition of existing telecommunications towers owned by mobile network operators, and have concluded basic agreements to acquire 71 towers from NTT West in July 2021, 136 towers from NTT East and up to 6,002 towers from NTT DOCOMO in March 2022.

JTOWER will start to transfer telecommunications towers where conditions have been met, and will strengthen the attraction of new tenants including other mobile network operators and other companies. We also plan to continue promoting new tower carve-outs from mobile network operators.


Under the agreement, JTOWER and MUFG Bank will promote Infra-Sharing by collaborating in the study of measures to improve the value of assets and financing for carve-out towers. We believe our collaboration will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by reducing the environmental impact through the effective use of existing facilities as well as the early development of 5G networks.