Infra-Sharing is a solution for sharing telecommunications networks, which has been independently
developed by each mobile network operator traditionally. Infra-Sharing is an effective solution for realizing a sustainable society that not only reduces costs and enables more efficient network development, but also reduces environmental impact by reducing electricity consumption, materials and construction works.
JTOWER believes that Infra-Sharing in itself leads to the realization of Sustainable Society.


Infra-Sharing Services from Japan Lead the World, in harmony with natural environment and society

We believe that Infra-Sharing will play an increasingly important role in the early deployment of 5G as a new social infrastructure and the expectations from society will increase. As a pioneer of Infra-Sharing, JTOWER will continue to aim for stable business growth and through technological development and new business, we will lead business activities that contribute to the advancement and promotion of Infra-Sharing. At the same time, harmony with the natural environment and society is indispensable for the sustainable provision of value to society for a long time. We will continue to work with all of our stakeholders, including mobile network operators, real estate developers, as well as local governments, partner companies, shareholders, and employees, to realize a sustainable society.

JTOWER Inc. Representative Director Atsushi Tanaka

Our Initiatives

The Realization of a Sustainable Society

While contributing to the resolution of social issues, such as the reduction of environmental impact and the realization of Connected Society, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and further increase corporate value together with society.
  • Contribution to electricity consumption reduction through introduction of Infra-Sharing

    Contribution to electricity consumption reduction through introduction of Infra-Sharing

  • Disclosure of corporate governance, compliance policies, initiatives and management systems

    Disclosure of corporate governance, compliance policies, initiatives and management systems


Infra-Sharing not only reduces costs, but also the material and construction work, as well as electricity consumption, which leads to a lower environmental impact.

Contribution to electricity consumption reduction through introduction of Infra-Sharing

In the case of Domestic IBS, we are contributing to a reduction in electricity consumption of about 8 million kW per year (our estimate) by promoting indoor Infra-Sharing.
  • *1: (Estimated electricity consumption/Building)×70% / 70% is our assumed calculation and does not indicate actual electricity consumption.
  • *2: As of March 31, 2023
  • *3: Estimated based on the calculation: (The average number of units used at IBS installed properties) × (The estimated electricity consumption of our Infra-Sharing equipment based on specification) as of (December 31, 2020.


We will strive to reduce risks in business by establishing a risk management system that includes not only JTOWER but also partner companies and suppliers in terms of safety in construction and procurement.

Safety activities

In order to prevent industrial accidents and other accidents, we will promote the creation of safe and comfortable workplaces through regular safety and health inspections.

Safety and Health Patrols

Efforts to identify risks and hazards at an early stage, eliminate them and take measures to reduce them, prevent equipment accidents and information accidents, and ensure thorough safety awareness among workers in construction work.

Efforts for Safety and Health Patrols

  • Check whether there is any risk of disaster at a construction site.
  • If confirmed, direct the correction on the spot.
  • If ""cannot be implemented immediately,"" the work will be discontinued and countermeasures will be considered as soon as possible.
  • Check whether the instructed approaches are actually conducted at Safety and Health Meeting and morning meeting.
  • Maintain an appropriate tension and focus in the implementation of on-site work.

Safety Conferences

Efforts to review accidents and complaints associated with construction work, prevent the occurrence of similar problems, share the same understanding of construction safety and aim for safe and high-quality construction.

Supply chain management

In developing and procuring equipment, we have established a sustainable management system not only for the company, but also for the entire supply chain.

RoHS Compliant

The components and products used comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), the European Union directive on Restrictions on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electronic and Electric Equipment.


We have introduced ISO90001 and ISO14001 acquisitions as terms for suppliers that we believe are relevant to environmental and employment issues, and we continually review their condition, including their subsequent renewals.

Factory audits

Periodic factory audits of suppliers are conducted to verify safety and health, the qualifications of workers, and the working environment.

Office and work style

Regarding business expansion, we are planning to relocate our Tokyo head office in July 2022. In the new office, We will make use of sustainable materials and create a comfortable environment for employees.

Utilization of Recycled Materials

Utilize recycle materials for interior design.

Reduction of office furniture disposal

Use a subscription service for office furniture. Realized a system that does not dispose furniture while flexibly responding to changes in working styles.

Promoting Wellness

In addition to comfortable working spaces, we will provide office spaces that enable employees to work in good physical and mental health by making communication and refreshing spaces.


Implementation of various initiatives with the aim of sinking in the corporate vision and revitalizing communication across positions and departments.

Company-wide meeting

Regular company-wide meetings are held to promote understanding of the company and share information. At the same time, a social gathering is held aiming for further communication among employees.

President Lunch

President Lunch is held regularly to deepen communication between top management and employees and to share various opinions and thoughts.

Corporate Vision Committee

Established a committee to promote understanding of the corporate vision by young employees across departments.

Codes of Conduct Award

The award system for the employee who embodies Code of Conduct.


Corporate governance

With "Infra-Sharing Services from Japan Lead the World" as its corporate vision, JTOWER recognizes the enhancement of corporate governance as one of its key management issues in order to be a company trusted by all stakeholders.
Given this recognition, and in order to improve the soundness and transparency of management, improve efficiency, and raise corporate value consistently over the long term, JTOWER makes every effort to enhance its corporate governance in the pursuit of speedy, rational decision-making and more efficient business operations.

Corporate Governance System

We have established General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board, and Accounting Auditors as organizations under Companies Act. The Board of Directors, which is composed mainly of directors who are familiar with our business, carries out basic management policies and important business execution decisions and Audit & Supervisory Board, which is composed entirely of outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members, conducts audits from a fair and independent perspective by Audit & Supervisory Board Members with expertise in each field. We believe the current system is effective in ensuring the soundness, transparency and efficiency of management. In addition, we collaborate with outside lawyers when making compliance and important legal judgments.

Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System


We regard compliance as a fundamental management policy. We have set Compliance Rules with the aim of ensuring thorough compliance by managements and employees, as well as sound and appropriate management and business execution, and are working to ensure compliance.

Compliance System

We are implementing various initiatives to ensure thorough compliance by establishing a compliance system in which the head of Corporate Department is responsible for company-wide compliance. In addition, the person in charge of internal audits under the direct control of Representative Director and President is appointed to conduct periodic audits of the business execution and compliance status of each department, and the evaluation is reported to Representative Director and President and Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

Compliance Hotline

We have established an internal reporting system and set up a contact point to properly operate and respond to violations of laws and other legal suspicions. In order to strengthen compliance managements, we have established the system for appropriate handling of requests for advice or reports of organizational or personal violations of laws and regulations from our employees, contract employees, part-timers, temporary workers, dispatched workers, and retirees, ensuring early detection and correction of improprieties.

Corruption prevention initiatives

We have set Compliance Rules and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Rules which do not allow any bribery or corruption, and our managements and employees shall not be involved in any bribery or corruption. We strive for fair transactions based on the premise of compliance with the anti-corruption laws of each country and will continue to strengthen our anti-corruption efforts.

Basic Approach and Systems to Exclude Anti-Social Forces

Our basic policy is to not have any relationships with antisocial forces and to reject any unfair demands, and we have clearly stated this in various internal rules and regulations. In addition, when it is found that a business partner is an individual, company, or organization involved with antisocial forces, the business is terminated. Corporate Department acts as the responsible department for antisocial forces, and centrally manages and accumulates related information. In the event of undue claims by antisocial forces, we cooperate with the police, external law firms, and other external specialized organizations to establish a cooperative system in the event of an emergency.


Annual training plans are established for managements and employees, and regular training sessions are conducted on compliance, harassment, prevention of insider trading, information security and other subjects.

Our Approach for the SDGs

JTOWER believes that Infra-Sharing in itself leads to the realization of Sustainable Society
Our Approach for the SDGs