JTOWER expanded agreement with MNO on replacement -Promote replacement of MNOs’ existing telecommunications network with Infra-Sharing-

JTOWER Inc. is pleased to announce that we have agreed with a new MNO partner to replace their existing networks with our indoor Infra-Sharing.

JTOWER newly signed the agreement with NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (“DOCOMO”). Until now, DOCOMO has used JTOWER’s Domestic IBS services in many buildings. However, the focus of use has been new installations at new buildings and additional 5G installations at existing buildings. For most large buildings constructed prior to the foundation of JTOWER, DOCOMO has conducted indoor coverage by installing their own networks.
Some of the networks that DOCOMO has independently installed have passed a certain period of times, and the need for replacements is increasing periodically. DOCOMO will further expand the use of indoor Infra-Sharing by switching to the use of shared facilities provided by JTOWER at the timing of replacement of their networks.

The introduction of replacement will lead to lower CAPEX and OPEX for network installation in MNO. Furthermore, as communications facilities continue to be shared, we will be able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) by 65% compared to the case that each MNO independently installed their indoor networks, by reducing the power consumption and other factors (JTOWER’s estimation*), and we will be able to realize an environmentally friendly network development.

As a pioneer of Infra-Sharing, JTOWER will continue to contribute to social digitization by utilizing its accumulated technology and knowledge in the telecommunications field.

* Estimated GHG reduction by replacement
・Based on CFP (GHG emissions from manufacturing to recycling: quantity of parts and materials × emissions intensity).
・GHG emissions per building are approximately 30,000 m² which is the average size of JTOWER’s 4G IBS installation site. (Calculated based on office-building data for ground 20F and underground 1F).
・The independent installation by MNO is calculated by multiplying the materials used in calculating JTOWER IBS’s GHG emissions by the tenancy ratio of 2.9 in fiscal 2023 to calculate the contribution to GHG reduction.