Infra-Sharing services from Japan lead the world

Mobile communication already serves as an indispensable infrastructure underlying our day-to-day lives, economic activities, and more, and we believe its importance as a social infrastructure will only increase with the anticipated expansion of 5G. By facilitating the sharing of mobile service equipment previously installed at separate facilities by various mobile network operators, JTOWER provides more efficient mobile infrastructure facilities which reduce operation processes, costs, power consumption, and more.

JTOWER’s primary business lies in our In-Building Infrastructure Sharing (IBS) services. Ever since we introduced and began operating shared infra-facilities in September 2014, the number of landlords and mobile network operators using these services has increased rapidly, with over 500 cases of implementation as of 2023. Services are offered throughout Japan, with a deployment area spanning from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

While IBS services remain the primary focus here at JTOWER, more recently we have been leveraging the company’s strengths and expertise to expand our service portfolio to include overseas services, outdoor tower sharing and more.

Moving forward, we will continue to promote indoor and outdoor infrastructure sharing services both domestically and overseas, maintain stable operation of established networks, and develop new services with an eye toward 5G, Beyond 5G to create socially meaningful business which brings value to landlords, mobile network operators, mobile network users, and all of our other stakeholders.

Japan's telecommunications infrastructure boasts the highest quality in the world. We will make the Infra-Sharing services that we provide global standards and create our future through businesses expansion.

Representative Director

Atsushi Tanaka

JTOWER,Representative Director,Atsushi Tanaka