The number of installations of 4G IBS exceeded 300 in Japan

We are pleased to announce that the number of installations of 4G IBS exceeded 300 in Japan.

■ Background to the expansion of the number of installations – Rising societal demands for environmental considerations
JTOWER started commercial service of Domestic IBS business in 2014. Since then, in addition to commercial facilities and office buildings, we have steadily increased the number of installations in a wide range of building types, including hospitals, administrative facilities, logistics facilities, and arenas and exhibition halls.
In order to improve the connectivity in the building, the use of Infra-Sharing enables saving of space, electricity, materials and fewer times of construction work, and realizes more efficient network development which leads to a lower environmental impact.
Against the backdrop of social demands for sustainability, the use of Infra-Sharing has been expanding even further in recent years.

■ Future Development – Further increase is expected due to replacement of networks installed separately by MNO
Until now, 4G IBS has been installed mainly in new buildings. As a new demand, however, there is an increasing demand for “replacement”. This is the replacement of existing 4G networks installed by MNO separately to 4G IBS at the timing of upgrades. We have agreed the replacement in more than 100 building with MNO, and further growth in demand is expected in the future.
In the development of indoor communications environments, we began full-scale introduction of 5G IBS in November 2020. We are also strengthening our service, including the launch of local 5G business that leverage our track record and expertise to date.
As a pioneer of Infra-Sharing, we will contribute to the digitization of society by maximizing the technologies and knowledge we have cultivated in the telecommunications field.


【Historical Number of Installations (4G IBS in Japan)】