JTOWER supported the demonstration to utilize 5G-compatible ‘Glass Antenna that Adds Cellular Base Station Capabilities to Windows’ developed by AGC for Infra-Sharing

The installation image of the Glass Antenna (*cables not shown) (Image photo by AGC Inc.)
We are pleased to announce that we will participate in the demonstration of ‘Glass Antenna that Adds Cellular Base Station Capabilities to Windows’ (compatible with all the 5G spectrums of Sub6 bands allocated to 4 MNOs in Japan) which was developed by AGC under the NTT DOCOMO’s technical cooperation.
Assuming to use the Glass Antenna for Infra-Sharing, we will support the verification test under the commercial settings using our 5G Infra-Sharing equipment.
In 2018, AGC and NTT DOCOMO jointly developed the Glass Antenna that can cover outdoor areas by attaching glass to the surface of existing windows (indoor side) and since 2019, the Glass Antenna has been installed in NTT DOCOMO’s 4G LTE coverage areas. In June 2020, AGC and NTT DOCOMO completed the development of the Glass Antenna for high-spectrum used at NTT DOCOMO’s 5G services in order to expand 5G coverage areas.
The demonstration is scheduled to be carried out in actual buildings, and we will support the technical verification by connecting 5G Infra-Sharing equipment compatible with 5G Sub6 (all the spectrums allocated to 4 MNOs) to the Glass Antenna.
The Glass Antenna is expected to be installed in locations where the consideration for the cityscape is required such as the outdoor event space and road close to the building, and more efficient 5G area coverage will be realized through the utilization of Infra-Sharing.
In 2014, JTOWER started providing indoor Infra-Sharing solutions using our originally developed Infra-Sharing equipment, and now, boasts the largest installation track record in Japan. In 2020, we completed the development of Infra-Sharing equipment compatible with 5G Sub6 for the first time in Japan, and have launched 5G IBS service start from the installation in the TMG No.1 building.
As the leading company of Infra-Sharing, we will continue to actively develop technologies to accelerate the utilization of Infra-Sharing.