JTOWER‘s in-house developed 5G Infra-Sharing equipment reduces power consumption by 35% ― Compatible with all 4 MNO, contributing to improve coverage inside buildings while giving a consideration to the environment

Infra-Sharing service provider JTOWER Inc. is pleased to announce that we have improved in-house developed Infra-Sharing equipment and reduced power consumption.

The device is Infra-Sharing equipment compatible with 5G Sub6. By combining a review of various functions and optimization of components inside the equipment and optical connectors, we have achieved a reduction in the size of the equipment while maintaining the radio performance that is provided to MNO, enabling a reduction in power consumption of approximately 35% compared to the version before improvement.

We plan to start the interconnection tests with 4 MNO in May 2024, and as soon as the test is completed, we plan to introduce new equipment.

We launched commercial services of indoor Infra-Sharing solutions in 2014 and since then has steadily increased the number of installations in various types of facilities, including commercial facility, office building, hospital, public facility, warehouse, and arena and exhibition hall. As of the end of December 2023, total number of 5G IBS installations in Japan increased to 89.

We have an in-house technical team that develops Infra-Sharing equipment based on the quality requirements of MNO. When introducing new equipment, in addition to examining the specifications and connection tests with MNO, we are steadily implementing processes such as obtaining certification on the MNO side and establishing a flow of operations with MNO. Through these processes, we are providing high-quality communications services that play a part in the telecommunications infrastructure.
The 5G Sub6 Infra-Sharing equipment (improved this time) was developed in 2020, and since the first installation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we have expanded 5G indoor Infra-Sharing nationwide.

We anticipate that the deployment of 5G in buildings will continue to be proactive, and the demand for Infra-Sharing is expected to increase further from the viewpoint of streamlining network-building and environmental considerations.

We will continue to actively develop technologies to promote the use of Infra-Sharing and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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