JTOWER participating in IOWN Global Forum – Contributing to the realization of next-generation telecommunications infrastructure as Infra-Sharing provider

JTOWER Inc. the service provider of telecom Infra-Sharing, announces its participation in IOWN Global Forum, the organization aiming the realization and expansion of the next generation communications infrastructure.

With the development of communication technologies toward the next generation 5G and 6G, the shift to an information-oriented society is expected to accelerate further, and the information handled by communications infrastructure will increase dramatically in the future.
For this reason, communication networks are required to have even greater transmission capacity and processing speed, which has led to concerns about the increase of energy consumption. In mobile communications, more efficient construction and operation of more base stations is required.

In response to these challenges, IOWN technology aims to realize a new telecommunications infrastructure by realizing high quality networks with large capacity, high speed, and low latency, as well as a significant reduction in power consumption through the next-generation telecommunications infrastructure based on the All-Photonics Network, which is centered on optical technology.

IOWN Global Forum invites partners from a wide range of industries with various specialized areas to promote the realization and spread of IOWN technology.

JTOWER started the commercial service of indoor Infra-Sharing in 2014 using Infra-Sharing equipment developed in-house. In 2020, we completed the development of 5G Infra-Sharing equipment before the rest of the industry, and currently, we are developing 5G mmWave shared radio unit. We have been leading the high-level Infra-Sharing in the field of wireless communications, and by expanding commercial services, we have contributed to the spread of new communications technologies and solutions.

Taking advantage of our participation in IOWN Global Forum, we will contribute to the realization of IOWN technology, particularly in the area of Infra-Sharing, by advising on the specifications and standardization for the sharing of base station devices.

Based on the corporate vision of Infra-Sharing Services from Japan Lead the World, we will further improve the technology, service quality, and business model that we have cultivated in the telecommunications industry in Japan, which boasts the highest quality in the world, and contribute to the digitization of society.