JTOWER conducts the demonstration project of Indoor 5G Infra-Sharing in Vietnam -Installation and operation of the 5G indoor Infra-Sharing network at retail facilities in Vietnam for the introduction of Japanese 5G technology and experience-

JTOWER Inc. (Representative Director: Atsushi Tanaka, Headquarters: Minato-ku Tokyo) (“JTOWER”), announces that the company has been adopted for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ FY2022 demonstration project of indoor Infra-Sharing in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In order to introduce Japanese 5G solutions into ASEAN region, JTOWER will conduct the demonstration project of the 5G indoor Infra-Sharing in Vietnam, by utilizing its technology and experience of 5G in Japan, .

■Background of implementation
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has a mission to expand digital infrastructures and digital technologies to abroad in order to contribute to the global dissemination of safe and secure 5G, which are the foundation of digitization, and to develop an industrial foundation based on 5G..
In Vietnam in particular, the mobile phone penetration rate has grown by more than 100% in line with high economic growth, and demand for mobile communications infrastructure continues to rise. The Vietnamese government announced its policy to grant 5G licenses to mobile network operators in 2023, and therefore further growth in demand for 5G network infrastructures is expected in the future.
In 2020, JTOWER completed the development of multi-carrier sharing equipment compatible with 5G Sub6 frequency band and started its commercial operation from the project of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s TMG No.1 Building in November 2020, which is the first indoor 5G Infra-Sharing in Japan. JTOWER’s track records of 5G indoor Infra-Sharing has been expanding and the company will utilize its experience into the demonstration project.

■Overview of project
In the demonstration project, JTOWER will build and operate a 5G communications network through Infra-Sharing at a commercial facility in Vietnam with high communications traffic demand to support early deployment of indoor 5G in Vietnam. In addition, the company will provide VR contents utilizing 5G and verify the utilization of large-volume data. With the demonstration project, the company will quantitatively demonstrate the cost-reduction effects by introducing Infra-Sharing, as well as the reduction of electricity, aiming to utilize these effects in the development of 5G in countries around ASEAN that will proceed in the future.
The installation and operation of the demonstration project in Vietnam will be carried out by a JTOWER’s subsidiary in Vietnam, Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company, responsible for JTOWER’s Vietnamese business (Chairman and Representative Director: Satoshi Igarashi, Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)( “SPN”). Furthermore, KDDI Vietnam Corporation (General Director: Masaya Taguchi, Headquarters: Hanoi City, Vietnam) is responsible for the development and operation of applications for the provision of XR contents. In May 2022, the two companies signed an agreement concerning 5G radio wave measures at commercial facilities in Vietnam, the provision of XR solutions using 5G, and the collaboration in the demonstration project.

JTOWER will further refine the technology, service-quality, and business models that the company has cultivated in Japan’s high-quality telecommunications industry, which boasts the highest quality in the world, and contribute to the digitization of society under the vision of “Infra-Sharing Services from Japan Lead the World”.


[Overview of demonstration project]
January 2023 to March 2023

Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
5 floors above ground, 1 below, commercial complex

■Details of verification:
1) Building a verification environment
Develop 5G network facilities by Infra-Sharing in addition to the existing 4G network.
2) Verifying Applications Using 5G Networking Equipment
Provide XR contents and evaluate the improvement of convenience for downloading large-volume data in an indoor 5G environment.
3) Verification of feasibility
Quantitatively demonstrate how much reduction has been achieved in capital investment, operation and maintenance costs and power consumption compared to the case in which Infra-Sharing had not been conducted and formulate a business model for actual introduction in other countries in ASEAN.


[Roles of each company]
Project management, planning of verification contents and verification methods, identification of technical issues and business issues, and compilation of empirical results

Establishment of an environment for 5G indoor infrastructure sharing, coordination with local stakeholders, implementation of radio wave measuring, etc.

KDDI Vietnam:
Development and provision of services using 5G applications


Out May 9, 2022
SPN and KDDI Vietnam entered in a Memorandum of Understanding about Business Cooperation to promote Digital Transformation solutions for Commercial Facilities


(1) Company name: JTOWER Inc.
(2) Place of HQ: 8-5-41 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
(3) Representative: Atsushi Tanaka, Representative Director
(4) Business: Provision of telecommunications infrastructure sharing services and related solutions
(5) Established: June, 2012

About SPN
(1) Company Name: Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company
(2) Place of HQ: 412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
(3) Representative: Satoshi Igarashi, Chairman and Representative Director
(4) Business: Provision of telecommunications infrastructure sharing services in Vietnam, etc.
(5) Establishment: July, 2007

About KDDI Vietnam
(2) Place of HQ: 243A La Thanh Str. Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Viet Nam
(3) Representative: Masaya Taguchi, General Director
(4) Business: System integration, etc.
(5) Establishment: March, 2000