JTOWER and Mitsubishi Estate entered into a basic agreement for the promotion of 5G network development and sales collaboration by utilizing Infra-Sharing

We are pleased to announce that JTOWER Inc. and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. have entered into a basic agreement for the promotion of 5G network development and sales collaboration by utilizing Infra-Sharing.

Under this agreement, we will promote the use of JTOWER’s Infra-Sharing solutions at some facilities owned and operated by Mitsubishi Estate. First, we plan to jointly implement 5G installations in some buildings in Marunouchi and Otemachi areas as well as in Nagoya area.
In addition, we will develop the joint business utilizing Multi-function poles in areas where Mitsubishi Estate promotes urban development, including Yokohama Minatomirai area and going forward, we will also proceed with discussions on the sales collaboration of Infra-Sharing, aiming to provide new value that leverages the strengths of the two companies.

■About Infra-Sharing
Infra-Sharing is a solution for sharing mobile communications networks, which has been independently developed by each mobile network operator traditionally. In addition to reducing costs and enabling more efficient network development, Infra-Sharing also reduces environmental impact by reducing power consumption, materials, and construction work. In particular, in the development of 5G networks, more base station installations are required due to the characteristic of its spectrum, and the use of Infra-Sharing is expected to expand further.

■Back ground of the agreement
JTOWER was founded in 2012 as Japan’s first Infra-Sharing company. We provide Infra-Sharing solution which integrates mobile networks with our self-developed Infra-Sharing equipment, both indoor and outdoor. Our core Domestic IBS business boasts the largest track record in Japan with a total of more than 300 installations (including 4G and 5G IBS, as of the end of June 2022). Mitsubishi Estate has introduced JTOWER solutions in MARK IS fukuoka-momochi, Marunouchi Nijubashi Building, msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower N and other large-scale buildings, and has continued to promote collaboration in the development of telecommunications networks.
Mitsubishi Estate regards 5G as an essential foundation for future urban development. In January 2022, the company announced to enter into the Infra-Sharing business and launched the service that utilizes the rooftops of buildings operated by in-house or another company to provide facilities that mobile network operators can use. Leveraging its area management and building operation expertise, the company plans to actively promote infrastructure construction in collaboration with local governments and real estate owners nationwide.

JTOWER and Mitsubishi Estate believe that the integration of the strengths of both companies will further promote the development of 5G networks, which is urgently needed as a social infrastructure, and decided to enter into the basic agreement.
On the occasion of the conclusion of the agreement, the two companies will strengthen cooperation and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as well as the digitization of society through the early deployment of 5G.


【Details of Initiatives】

-Based on the agreement between the two companies, promote the installation of JTOWER’s IBS at some buildings owned and managed by the Mitsubishi Estate.

-Consider joint businesses utilizing Multi-function poles in the area such as Yokohama Minatomirai and other areas.

-Sales collaboration in the indoor and outdoor Infra-Sharing.


【Image of installation of JTOWER’s Indoor Infra-Sharing solution:MARK IS fukuoka-momochi】

【Image of Multi-function pole】