JTOWER’s 5G network development in Itoman City, Okinawa, has been decided to be subsidized by “National Grant Program for the Area Expansion of Mobile Phone Services” of the FY2021 supplementary budget -The first subsidy in Japan for 5G network development using Infra-Sharing-

We are pleased to announce that we applied for “National Grant Program for the Area Expansion of Mobile Phone Services“, which is the FY2021 supplementary budget (the “Project”) and our development of outdoor 5G network in Itoman City, Okinawa has been decided to receive a subsidy. This is the first subsidy on the Project for 5G network development using Infra-Sharing.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications provides support the area expansion of mobile phone services in rural areas (sparsely populated regions, remote areas, isolated islands, peninsulas, etc.). In addition, subsidies are provided for the installation of base stations for mobile networks, such as 5G, in order to conduct advanced wireless communications.
From the FY2021 supplementary budget, Infra-Sharing businesses have been added as business entities in order to promote the use of Infra-Sharing in the development of 5G networks. Furthermore, if several companies, including the Infra-Sharing provider, jointly develop networks, MIC is strengthening support by raising the subsidy rate (1/2 → 2/3).
By utilizing Infra-Sharing in the development of 5G networks, we will not only promote the development of 5G networks in rural areas, but also save space and electricity, reduce materials and the number of construction projects, and realize more efficient and environmentally conscious network development.
We will continue to actively utilize the support system to promote more efficient 5G network development and contribute to the digitization of society.