JTOWER has completed the development of Local 5G sharing equipment – Share telecommunications facilities of Local 5G and Carrier 5G, aiming to start commercial services by the end of 2022

JTOWER Inc. announces that the company has completed the development of sharing equipment compatible with Local 5G (*1) Sub6 bandwidth. Going forward, JTOWER will conduct tests to connect to major Local 5G radio systems in order to introduce this sharing equipment to the marketplace, with the aim to start commercial services by the end of 2022.
The newly developed Local 5G compatible equipment can be partially shared with the Carrier 5G (*2) compatible sharing equipment that has already been commercialized by JTOWER. This will save space and electricity, as well as reduce materials and the number of works. Equipment sharing not only saves space and power, but also reduces material consumption and number of construction work, thus realizing more environment friendly, more efficient network development. We aim to build a new model for sharing Career 5G and Local 5G indoors.
Local 5G that can be built for businesses purposes and Carrier 5G, are expected to be used in a variety of industrial fields as the underlying technology for advancing digital transformation (DX).
In December 2020, JTOWER obtained a license for an experimental test station for Local 5G SA system (*3) utilizing Sub6 bandwidth, and began demonstrating Local 5G. We have built an environment within JTOWER Local 5G Laboratory at our headquarters building and have been accumulating know-how in the office and outdoor environment around the building by measuring radio wave, verifying system performance and connections with various devices and solutions.
On February 8, 2022, we applied for a license for an experimental laboratory to test connections between Local 5G compatible devices and Local 5G radio systems within our laboratory.
Taking advantage of the introduction of this equipment to the market, JTOWER will contribute to promoting the penetration of Carrier 5G and Local 5G by maximizing the technologies and knowledge we have cultivated over the years and providing optimal network construction tailored to the characteristics of a wide range of facilities.
*1 5G system which companies and local governments and other entities can flexibly construct 5G within their buildings and premises in a spot-by-spot basis, depending on the needs of each region and industry.
*2 5G offered by mobile operators as public services
*3 Stand Alone system.
The system which uses only 5G base stations and enables 5G deployment through a 5G core-network


【Service deployment image】